Back from break.

I’ve noticed that whenever I start a new chapter in my life, my writing and extra curriculars suffer a little bit. I’ve been so busy getting my life together that I’ve barely had time to have a full day off. Let’s backtrack a bit.
After meeting and becoming the girlfriend of that amazing woman I previously spoke of, I ended up landing a job in her town, and eventually moving in with her. Yep, as…

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My journey south started off like any other. I was early for my flight so that I could have time to grab food and charge my phone before the flight. Well, NO ONE was in my section of the airport except me. So I sat in the corner by myself for an hour or so before others joined me. I got on my flight with only one other person in my row, leaving me with plenty of room for my things and still be…

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“What’s the difference?” I asked him. “Between the love of your life, and your soulmate?”

“One is a choice, and one is not.”


— Tarryn Fisher, Mud Vein  (via rainysundaysandcoffee)

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Ghost rolled in some sidewalk chalk.

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"Lots of tattoo ideas, not enough money."

— A book by me (via xwolves)

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"Anybody who’s ever truly been in love knows that a person can drown you with more efficiency than an ocean."

Beau Taplin, "A drowning." (via afadthatlastsforever)

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